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Walking the Dog

by Lee Sargent,

In my portion of Northeast Bellevue, I have had many opportunities to walk the dog(s) around the various streets nearby. I noticed a distinct difference in this process when sidewalks were put in along NE 24th next to Unigard and Interlake High School. (I live across the street from Interlake and walked to work at Unigard) It changed from a country road where cars were more interested in getting where they were going and pedestrians annoyance to a more formal regard for each. Pedestrians became more common, runners more common, small groups of people walking and other dog walkers. Their were a few friendly waves and greetings. As our latest dog got more crippled with arthritis, I started walking more within Sherwood Forest where I live. It was quieter and the greetings became less formal and more friendly. More neighbors became familiar, petted our dog, waved and said Hi at a greater distance, and even stopped and chatted with me. I really never appreciated the quiet that existed just a few houses away. I never really appreciated the diversity of ages, ethnicity or similarity of concerns for one another and the environment.

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