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Preserving open space

by Pete Ryan,

We moved to the region in 1997 and have lived in our current home since 2007. Over that time we’ve seen Bellevue evolve from suburban community of Seattle to grow into a distinct community focused on tech and the cultural diversity of a new generation of people from throughout the country and many from other countries. Our diversity is our strength yet our sustained growth is going to be difficult to be ‘sustainable’. The Growth Management Act constrained some of the tremendous growth of the past quarter century but it is now encubant on our community to come together to preserve the open space that we inherited and invest in the infrastructure of trails which connect our parks and open spaces to our neighborhoods. The ongoing pandemic has forced us to learn to appreciate through social distancing that a walk in a local forest can be as revitalizing as a trip to a far off beach. The lake to lake trail system is a precious start to integrating Bellevue into the Mountains to Sound greenway and to take our place as a “City in a Park“.

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