Evaluating the alternatives

The study team has identified several interchange alternatives, including a “no build” option. The team developed the following two-step evaluation process to help choose the alternative that best meets the project’s purpose and need.

Step 1 - Fatal flaw screening

We analyzed the alternatives for the following:

  • Compatibility with Bellevue’s plans and policies
  • Compliance with federal and state policies
  • Feasibility of construction

Using this process, we eliminated several alternatives.

Step 2 - Alternatives evaluation

We are evaluating the alternatives that passed the fatal flaw screening based on the following criteria:

  • Travel time
  • Missing links, barriers or conflict points
  • Impact on property development
  • Alignment with adopted plans
  • Costs
  • Stakeholder support
  • Community input

Learn more about the preliminary alternatives and take our survey on the next tab.

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Consultation has concluded

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