CCAT Mission and Goals


CCAT provides a coordinated community response to assist individuals in crisis. CCAT combines law enforcement with local social services/medical organizations and the mental health system to offer individuals a higher level of service.


The goals set for CCAT were:

  1. Improve community/police response to persons suffering from a behavioral health crisis by connecting them with appropriate social services and diverting them away from the criminal justice system
  2. Address underlying issues to improve the quality of life of others
  3. Reduce recidivism

The CCAT program’s desired outcomes were to reduce:

  1. The number of individuals arrested
  2. The number of individuals booked into jail
  3. The number of unnecessary hospital emergency room visits
  4. The occurrences of police use of force

Several community stakeholders, including medical institutions and homeless outreach organizations, were consulted during the development of the program to identify the needs of those served, gaps in existing emergency services and process improvements needed to get treatment for those in crisis.

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