What is a neighborhood greenway?

    Neighborhood greenways are a new concept in Bellevue. Also known as “neighborhood bikeways” and “bicycle boulevards” in other cities, these streets include treatments which make it easier and safer to bicycle on low-speed local streets. Neighborhood Greenways – at a minimum - include signs and pavement markings such as sharrows to clearly identify the bike route to all road users. Many greenways include traffic calming measures that help manage vehicle speeds and lower vehicle volumes.

    Why a demonstration greenway?

    Using quick-build and low-cost treatments, the demonstration greenway project would provide a real-world opportunity to trial a Neighborhood Greenway in Bellevue. This demonstration approach will allow residents to provide feedback before and after installation. Compared with more traditional project delivery, this approach makes it possible to implement improvements more rapidly and iteratively, collect data to understand the project’s benefits and impacts, and determine what the appropriate next steps are prior to potentially making more expensive and permanent investments.

    The demonstration period is expected to last approximately 6 months, between mid-2021 and early 2022. Depending on the success of the program, more permanent treatments – such as speed bumps, concrete traffic circles, traffic diverters, and other bikeway enhancements – could be programmed for future projects. This project could also help guide other Neighborhood Greenway projects around town.